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Gut Strings:

Natural gut is the best string around for tennis. Used by pro players such as Roger Federer, Kim Clijsters, and many many pros, it provides great power, comfort, and spin. Gut has the best tension maintenance of all tennis strings also providing the most energy return. Gut is the best string to use if you have elbow or shoulder injuries. Currently, most natural gut is made from the intestines of a cow, the serosa. Through a long process including various steps of quality control, getting rid of bacteria, washing, the serosa is eventually made into tennis strings. Natural gut can have varying quality and playability depending on how the manufacturers process, clean, and form the gut. Some manufacturers also put the gut through different processes and use different coatings to produce a string with more resiliency and with different characteristics. Gut is very sensitive to moisture, humidity, heat , and various conditions. Natural Gut is the most expensive string around and one of the hardest strings to install.

Natural gut is great for Hybrid as well as in a full stringbed. Most players use gut hybrid with polyester strings. Some players use gut hybrids with the gut in the mains while others use gut in the crosses. Gut in the mains, polyester in the crosses will provide the most feel and power while the polyester stiffens the stringbed, providing control. Gut in the crosses with polyester in the mains will provide more durability and control while the gut softens up the stringbed, providing more feel.

String Type Description Price
Babolat VS Gut: The best selling gut string of all time. Babolat VS Gut is the benchmark of all gut strings. New BT7 layering technology increases durability by 15%.

Available in 16 gauge.
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Babolat Tonic Gut: Babolat's more affordable line of Gut strings. New BT7 layering technology increases durability by 15%.

Available in 15L gauge.
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Disclaimer: Please inspect racquets prior to and after stringing. iStringing.com members are not liable for any damages to and from the use of the racquet after stringing.
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